Saturday, January 26, 2008

Meet & Greet Groundspeak & Garmin in Seattle

Alright, I waited so long to post this (it sat as a draft for a long time), that I've forgotten all the witty stuff I was going to write about this event. Ah, well, the story of my life right now. *rolls eyes*

I guess I shall content myself with just posting the pictures and a comment on most of them.

The Meet & Greet Groundspeak & Garmin in Seattle Event was great! We met with Groundspeak and Garmin at the REI Flagship Store in Seattle, WA. Lots of people came, and we got cookies! :-) We mingled, exchanged trackables, heard a few important people talk, won some stuff, and tried out the Wherigo on the neat REI grounds.

Sign on the back of the toilet stall door in REI:

WSGA, doing a great job checking everyone in:

Brand new Colorado's (my brother put his pocket knife next to them to gauge the size):

The next two pics are people gathering for the meeting (second one is a panorama):

AndrewRJ, trashtalking me:

View of Seattle from the Conference room:

AndrewRJ and my daughter, Water Lily, having a nice talk:

Wherigo cookies, I finally get to have one! Pertty:

More people pouring in:

Garmin guy (I think):

Standing room only:

Wander Lost, winning a Wherigo Geocoin. (I won one too, I think the drawing was rigged!):

Jeremy giving a talk. The picture on the screen is of the ORIGINAL STASH TRIBUTE PLAQUE, where the first geocache was placed near Portland, OR:

My husband, All41, taking a picture with Water Lily:

A picture of Jeremy's son with a GPS (awww!):

Nerd version of People Pong, lol:

Posing with Signal (you can see my son, Kboy, right behind them, being bored or something, haha):

Milling around after the main meeting:

This guy had a bunch of Jeep TB's around his neck:

Signal, posing with a TB:

Another class, I can't remember, either the same one again, or teaching about how to Wherigo:

My brother, Zephyr, talking to Jeremy for a while:

A cool TB that I dropped off:

My MIL Patudles, All41, and Zephyr:

A group of us, walking through REI to get outside and Wherigo:

At the start of the Wherigo, REI Ice Climber, outside the entrance to REI (led by Shauna):

Zephyr and Water Lily, reading the Wherigo cartridge:

All41, peaking over Kboy's shoulder at the GPS:

"This is how we do it...":

The starting clue:

Learning how to Wherigo:

Peeking over Kboy's shoulder, as he's reading the cartridge:

Water Lily, posing behind a holly:

Taking each other's picture:

Catching Annie, taking pictures of our group:

REI's waterfall:

A see-through compass, to the floor below:

Jeremy, posing with my Signal:

Going after the cache outside REI, Do Not Find This Cache!, with Pyewacket and Zephyr:

We had this frog carving in the door pointed out to us, and were told we had to take a picture of Signal with it:

Panorama of the front entrance of REI, a beautifully landscaped natural area!:

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