Friday, December 7, 2007


We visited Groundspeak Headquarters again today. All41 hasn't been to the new one, so we were able to go since we were there on a Friday.

We were in Seattle for our 12th anniversary. Our actual anniversary is on the 15th, but we celebrated it a week early due to family schedules.

Signal is wearing a tux, for our anniversary!

In 2006, I won an Idiot's Guide to Geocaching. Jeremy had said that normally they have Koko draw a picture of Signal in the books they give out like that, and he saw that mine didn't have one. So he told me to bring it in to Groundspeak to get the drawing from Koko. I think that is was so much more special to get the drawing from her personally, and to get the special little Signal. Thank you, Koko!

This is the container for the Trackables. It's so funny that this is the size of a regular cache, and it goes inside the huge treasure chest at Groundpeak.

This is the Groundspeak Headquarters logbook. Our whole family signed it back in April of 2006. This is the page that we signed. I photoshopped out part of my son's name, because he signed his real one. :-p All41, Ambrosia, Water Lily and Kboy.

A little Signal, topping a christmas tree underneath the flat screen.

Love<3 is showing All41 how the screen works. I saw a friend's log pop up on the screen while we were there!

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