Saturday, April 24, 2010

10 Years! Wenatchee Valley, WA

Well, I'm pretty excited. For a while now (probably a couple years, sadly enough), we've wanted to get some sort of an official logbook going for Cache-cadian Events (and any other Events that are Cache-cadian-like). We've fudged for a few years, using sheets of paper to log in at Events instead.

Well, now that the 10 year anniversary of selective availability and the first Geocache is coming up, I felt like we needed to finally get on the ball. I'm hosting a 10! Years Event, in a little over a week, 10 Years! Wenatchee Valley, WA, and wanted to mark the occasion with something special.

Well, I guess it might be a bit corny, but I decided to get something like a treasure chest, something you wouldn't be able to have outside due to weatherproofing, but would be cool to bring to Events (like the treasure chest at Groundspeak Headquarters). This is not a traveling cache! :-p It's just a place to put our Event logbook, and maybe Trackables that people want to bring and trade during the Event. Then, if there's any Trackables left at the end of the Event, the organizer has it in one spot and can be responsible for placing them in a cache after the Event.

Patudles, Water Lily and I went to Ross a few days ago, and spent a while trying to decide between all the different kinds of chests they had there. They were all very nice, most of them made out of wood (or fake wood, I'm sure). Each container had good points and bad points, so I took way too long to decide. We finally decided on one that unfortunately looks a bit more like a clothes trunk than a treasure chest. But it has a handle, is roomy, and best of all - it's covered with a map. Can't get much more Geocaching then that. :-)

I also made an order with Shop Groundspeak, for a bunch of doorprizes and some Geocaching 10 Year Anniversary T-Shirts for my parents and 'Tudles. I figured that this would be a fun time to have doorprizes. All the Cache-cadian stuff will be covered by the WSGA yearly allowance they give to chapters for Events.

My Groundspeak order only took two days to get here, and so I have a bunch of goodies, although wouldn't you know that they would come out with a bunch of things (like the 10! Year Geocoin) right after I received my new order. Lol.

The container is made of pleather, I suppose:

Here's my signal wuz here! trackable, posing with the container:

All my doorprizes, and logbook:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Top 30

Ok, ok...I have no life. :-p

I used to post heavily in the Geocaching Forums, but as I have gotten sicker, it's harder for me to formulate my words and thoughts, so I mostly lurk. But lately, I've been posting more.

The motivation? To rise above Sparky-Watts, who stopped posting four whole years ago yet still remained one of the top posters all this time, to become the thirtieth top poster in the Geocaching Forums!

Yaaaaay!!! Oooooh!!! Aaaaah!!!

Hrmph. Not gonna keep the title for very long, GATOULIS is quickly catching up to me. That boy can post. Lol. :-D

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