Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Late night date/caching adventure

My log for the cache, Kirkland Signature:

My husband and I snuck out of the house for a quick date, after putting the kiddos to bed. We got a couple yummy blizzards (remakes of a past mistake from the Dairy Queen 25 anniversary buy one get one for 25 cents), and wanted to find somewhere close by to park and eat them, with a nice view. All41 drove to this parking lot, because he knew there was a pretty view from there during the day. I laughed a bit, and told him it was nighttime, and that the view might not be as great. We got to the parking lot, and parked in one spot, but there was a bright sign in the way of a view. We moved, parked again, but there was a bush in the way. I will not tell you how many times we moved to try and get an uncluttered view of Wenatchee, but lets just say that there was one other vehicle in the parking lot, with a guy sitting in it watching, and he probably thought we were totally crazy. I just started laughing and laughing, and couldn't stop, which only spurred on my poor husband to try harder to find a good spot. We basically stopped trying after a while, and just sat and enjoyed our lovely dessert. :P

When we were through, I mentioned that there was a cache here that I hadn't been to, and that we had to do it right then. We have an iphone, so we used it to try and get to the correct spot, but unfortunately, it wouldn't narrow down, and showed our accuracy as being 100' or more. I took out the flashlight and fortunately, we found it within minutes. I felt a bit exposed, because there were still people working in the opposite corner of the parking lot, and I felt conspicious with my flashlight. The last time we went to a cache in this spot, years ago, a policeman stopped and questioned us. Fortunately, he knew about caching, so all was well. But since this time was at night as well, I was having flashbacks of having a police car show up. But all was quiet this night. 8D Patudle's police log, My police log.

Thanks for adding to our silly, little, adventurous date. :D

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