Sunday, May 16, 2010

"Click, Clack, Clatter, Clackety"

This was a cool experience, I may post a bit more detail about it when I can, and I'll post more pictures when I'm up to it. Click, Clack, Clatter, Clackety:

"I've wanted to do this cache for a while, but it's a bit off the beaten tracks and I haven't been able to bike the loop trail anymore like I used to. So I've put it off for a while.

We've been staying in a hotel for over a week, after our recent house fire. I've looked around to see if there was a cache within (reasonable) walking distance for me to go to, and this was the closest one. I finally decided to get out and do it tonight.

I didn't have a gps, so I looked at the maps and hoped they were accurate. I'm fortunate that they were spot on! I was able to make an easy find. :-)

I intended just to get out for a quick walk, but I ended up taking a while, it was such a beautiful evening. There was a storm on the edge of town, that I was worried would curtail my walk (I saw lightening when I was leaving the hotel), but it quickly faded away. The air was warm, despite the storm, although the wind picked up pretty hard towards the end of my walk.

I walked all the way down to the start of the art deco foot bridge across the Wenatchee River, and back. I saw a lot of neat things along the way: two wild kitties, a hawk, red wing blackbirds, lots of people going by on bikes and skateboards - one lady stopped and had a nice little chat with me, (heard) a marmot - who was upset at me for being too close to his area by the Wenatchee River, lots of pretty variations of the color green, flowering dogwoods, wild roses, a sea of grasses waving in the wind like waves of the ocean, beautiful cloud formations, and a gorgeous sunset.

Thank you for dragging me out of my hotel room for a little while. 8-D"

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HiddenCaches said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. It's amazing what a little geocaching can do.

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